Birchwood Cottages is a delightful set of cottages, and one large main house (The Lodge), settled on the west shore of Loon Lake surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains.  The cottages can be rented by the week and include a nice sandy beach for the kids to play and swim.  Our swimming area is easily accessible by steps that lead to a sandy gradual walk-in, and include a floating dock.

Loon Lake is a nicely tucked away little treasure in Chestertown, NY.  There are multitudes of activities to do for a day trip- or never leave the beach- which ever you prefer.   Full service marina located across the lake for all of your boating needs, and our large boat docks can accommodate any size boat!

About the Owners: Birchwood Cottages is family owned and operated by Patrick and Margo McGowan and Jenn & Steve Hazelton, under our LLC, ADK Birchwood. Patrick & Margo McGowan, and Steve & Jenn Hazelton have loved the Adirondack Park for decades and had been searching for the perfect spot to make their own in the Adirondacks.  Margo and Patrick have always been drawn to the park; they were engaged in Brant Lake (just down the road) and married in Lake Placid, and vacationed in the ADKs just about every year since then.  Jenn and Steve were becoming quite the Adirondack groupies, scouring property and vacationing in various spots within the blue line for years and years, it was time to put down some roots.

How we came to love Birchwood: Margo had known about Birchwood Cottages for about 15 years, as she went to college with the previous owners daughter, and had visited Birchwood a few times throughout her college days.  In years passed, she had always toyed with the idea of buying Birchwood – but considered it pipe dreams at best.  In the summer of 2015, the McGowan’s came to Birchwood to have a mini college reunion with her friends and classmates, and it was then, that the timing was right to call Birchwood home!  After a quick discussion with Art and  Jill Spierre, and a seemingly short drive for Jen and Steve to check the place out, a handshake sealed the deal.  The Hazelton’s and McGowan’s spent the summer back and forth to Birchwood, and in discussions with Art and Jill, and were finally able to call Bircwood theirs in September 2015.

Our goal is to keep Birchwood as a family friendly vacation spot for our loyal guests AND NEW ONES, so they too, can call Birchwood home (if even for a week or 2) for years and years to come!

Welcome to Birchwood Cottages – we’re so glad you’re here!